Iain Calder - TFN director

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Contact info

The best way to reach me is to phone the TFN office, and leave a message there for me.  I will call you back within hours if possible, within 2 days at most, making sure I have the time to hear you out.

You can email me at my "director-ic" address @torfree.net.


See staff profile.

Current TFN roles

I joined TFN in 2006.  I began volunteering in earnest in 2007.

I currently sit on Toronto Free-Net's board of directors, a position normally elected by TFN's members for a 3-year term.  TFN directors are expected to undertake additional tasks.  I do several:

Past TFN roles

I first ran for the board, on a long campaign platform, at the Oct/2009 AGM.  I was acclaimed.  An hour later, the board elected me president.  I served consecutive presidencies until Feb/2016.  It was difficult but I did deliver on that original platform.  All of it.  Now, we go beyond it.