Shell Scripting Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

by Chris F.A. Johnson

Apress, 2005

448 Pages
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1The POSIX Shell and Command-Line Utilities
2Playing with Files: Viewing, Manipulating, and Editing Text Files
3String briefs
4What's in a Word?
5Scripting by Numbers
6Loose Names Sink Scripts: Bringing Sanity to Filenames
   The Naming of Files is a serious matter,
        This isn't just one of your Usenet flames;
   You may think at first it doesn't much matter
   But I tell you, a file should have a SENSIBLE NAME.

                                       (with apologies to T. S. Eliot)
7Treading a Righteous PATH
8The Dating Game (Sample chapter [PDF])
9Good Housekeeping: Monitoring and Tidying Up File Systems
10POP Goes the E-Mail
11PostScript: More Than an Afterthought

This crossword grid was created by the ps-grid script in Chapter 11.

This puzzle's source file (AcrossLite text format) can also be found in that chapter.
1 The woman will, for outer covering (5)
4 Host reformatted after a thousand bugs (5)
5 Collection of data by a random beam (5)

1 Frodo's companion has degree in file services (5)
2 Go in to get key for execution (5)
3 In a real OS, symbolic type of compression (5)

12Screen Manipulation:
13Backing Up the Drive
14Aging, archiving and deleting files
15Covering All Your Databases
16Home on the Web
17Taking Care of Business
18Random Acts of Scripting
   "The generation of random numbers is too important
    to be left to chance."

                    Robert R. Coveyou, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
19A Smorgasbord of Scripts
20Script development management

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